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Electricity distributors, retailers, manufacturers of electronic equipment, smart grids and IT companies have cooperated with SGEVL in the last years to further improve their product portfolio.

Design and implementation of prototypes of electric and electronic equipment

Support on the research, development and implementation in simulation and in physical components of the devices, mainly for energy storage and power conversion. The support includes a wide range of TRLs, between 2 and 8.

Measurement and analysis of power and energy with high precision

Characterization of performance and operation in steady state and transients of equipment up to 1000V/32A with simultaneous sampling up to 7 channels according to relevant international standards.

Functional and performance tests of equipment for energy storage and power conversion

Verification of functionalities and characterization of circuits for power, control, acquisition and communications of equipment ranging from academic prototypes up to high power industrial equipment. Capacity to help in the optimization and problem-solving process.

Consultancy in energy and power conversion systems for residential and industrial applications

Image credits: EFACEC

Analysis of complex systems for energy management with analytic methods and data logging in field, study of applicable standards and legislation, benchmarking, identification of problems and limitation and design of possible solutions.

Advanced studies based on real-time co-simulation using a PHIL platform

Implementation of real-time simulation models and computation in an industrial grade simulator. Interface of the models in real-time with a fully controllable physical microgrid. Analysis of functionalities such as fault ride through, inertia emulation, etc.

Thermal and thermographic analysis of electronic equipment

Measurement and analysis of temperature profile in critical elements of prototypes, using contact measurements, IR measurements and thermographic imaging. Study in a climate chamber of the behavior of electronic equipment (under development).

Development and test of electronic systems for measurement, communication and energy management

Design of the architecture for computation, storage, measurement and communication in terms of hardware and software. Know how in several technologies for communications, protocols and programming languages with relevance within the IoT and Smart Appliances scope.

Evaluation in real environment of solutions for EV charging and fleet management

SGEVL has several hybrid and electric vehicles, commercial chargers and in-house developed solutions. Each of these elements are fully integrated with the laboratory control and measurement infrastructure which allows a rapid prototyping of novel integrated solutions for EV charging.

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