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The laboratorial infrastructure is the perfect ecosystem to MSc, PhD and senior researchers from different countries learn, teach and share their knowledge.

Design and implementation of prototypes of electric and electronic equipment

Support on the research, development and implementation in simulation and in physical components of the devices, mainly for energy storage and power conversion. The support includes a wide range of TRLs, between 2 and 8.

Advanced studies based on real-time co-simulation using a PHIL platform

Implementation of real-time simulation models and computation in an industrial grade simulator. Interface of the models in real-time with a fully controllable physical microgrid. Analysis of functionalities such as fault ride through, inertia emulation, etc.

Support to academic research and investigation activities

Supervision and support to students pursuing several degrees (MSc, PhD, Postdoc), internally of visiting researchers, in the process of development, laboratorial tests and proof of concepts to validate their research questions.

Evaluation in real environment of solutions for EV charging and fleet management

SGEVL has several hybrid and electric vehicles, commercial chargers and in-house developed solutions. Each of these elements are fully integrated with the laboratory control and measurement infrastructure which allows a rapid prototyping of novel integrated solutions for EV charging.

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