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As a leading national and international research infrastructure, education and social awareness are always nº1 priority. Technical and non-technical visits, demonstration events and courses take place every year to disseminate the science and technology to the global community.

Support to academic research and investigation activities

Supervision and support to students pursuing several degrees (MSc, PhD, Postdoc), internally of visiting researchers, in the process of development, laboratorial tests and proof of concepts to validate their research questions.

Evaluation in real environment of solutions for EV charging and fleet management

SGEVL has several hybrid and electric vehicles, commercial chargers and in-house developed solutions. Each of these elements are fully integrated with the laboratory control and measurement infrastructure which allows a rapid prototyping of novel integrated solutions for EV charging.

Open Science

Open data available for the use of the scientific comunity in the several domains of the energy area. The datasets can be consulted here.

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