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Power & Energy Webinar Series - Integration of offshore energy sources

16 dezembro 2021

The eleventh  “Power and Energy Webinar Series” will be organised thursday December 16, at 11 am, under the motto “Integration of offshore energy sources”.

Bernardo Silva  - Senior Researcher at INESC TEC and  Irina Temiz - Associate professor at Uppsala University, will be responsible for leading this webinarFull Professor João Peças Lopes will be in charge of the moderation.

The last part of each presentation is dedicated to the discussion and debate between the speakers and the participants.


You are all welcome!

People interested in participating in the session should register on the initiative's websitehttp://energywebinars.inesctec.pt/. After completing the form available on the website (“participate” section), the participants will receive, closer to the session, an email from the organisation with the credentials access.


About the presentations:

  1. Bernardo Silva: Provision of frequency support services by offshore farms connected through DC grids

A strong contribution coming from offshore energy is expected on the following years to attain the renewable energy targets. It is known that offshore energy still presenting a high levelized cost of electricity, while a significant part of the costs is related with the interconnection’s solutions and technologies. The adoption of DC grids to interconnect offshore energy and even AC mainland grids can be a strong alternative to harmonize those interconnection costs since allow the sharing of a common interconnection infrastructure.

 This presentation is related with previous work which investigated the feasibility of achieving the provision of frequency support services by offshore wind farms connected through DC grids, ensuring that its deployment will not jeopardize the mainland power system controllability and resilience.


  1. Irina Temiz: Grid integration of wave energy converters – research and experiments at Uppsala University

Wave energy is an abundant source of renewable energy yet to be tapped. Wave energy is more stable than wind energy and therefore has a potential to contribute to balancing of highly/fully renewable electrical power systems. The wave energy research at Uppsala University started in 2002 within so called the Lysekil wave power project. The first wave energy converter was developed and deployed in 2007. Since then a dozen of wave energy converters and underwater substations have been developed and built at Uppsala University and tested at the Lysekil test site located on the west coast of Sweden near the town of Lysekil. The Uppsala University wave energy converters are of a point absorber type with a direct drive linear permanent magnet generator power take off; therefore a full conversion process of electrical power is required prior to integration to the grid. This wave energy converter is commercialized by Norwegian company Seabased.

In this presentation, past and current wave energy research of Uppsala University in relation to grid integration will be presented.


About the speakers:


  1. Bernardo Silva, Senior researcher at INESC TEC Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES)

Bernardo Silva completed the Integrated Master Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at FEUP, specializing in energy systems. In 2014 he completed his PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems at FEUP / MIT Portugal.

Since joining INESCTEC in March 2009, he has been involved in scientific projects and consulting in the area of integration of renewable sources in the electrical system as well as in the steady state and dynamic analysis of electrical systems.

Since 2016 he is the Portuguese representative in the Committee B4 (HVDC) of Cigre.

Bernardo has won two awards, the Honourable Mention - REN Award 2009, with his Master's thesis and was the winner of the APREN Award 2016 with his PhD thesis.


  1. Irina Temiz, Associate professor at Uppsala University

Dr. Temiz received the PhD in Mathematics in 2008 from the Novosibirsk State University / Sobolev Institute of Mathematics (Russia) and became Docent in Engineering Physics in 2019 (Uppsala University, Sweden). Dr. Temiz works as a senior lecture at Uppsala University and has researched within wave energy field since 2012. During 2016-2017 she was also involved in R&D at the Swedish wave energy company Seabased. Dr. Temiz is currently a member of the Technical board of the European Wave and Tidal conference. She is the group leader of the working group “Technology of WECs and WEC arrays” and a Management Committee member in WECANet, COST Action CA17105 “A pan-European Network for Marine Renewable Energy”. She has been supervising and co-supervising 7 PhD students and 2 postdoctoral researcher. Her main research interests are within grid integration, output power quality, efficiency and control of wave energy devices.


About the moderator:

Full professor João Peças Lopes

 João A. Peças Lopes (PhD) is Full Professor (Professor Catedrático) at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University, where he teaches in the graduation and post-graduation areas. He is presently also Director of the Sustainable Energy Sistems PhD program at FEUP and President of the Scientific Commission of the Sustainable Energy Sistems PhD program at FEUP.

He is Associate Director and Coordinator of the TEC4Energy business development unit at INESC TEC.


We remind that all INESC TEC researchers are invited to participate in these webinars as speakers. If you are interested, please fill in this questionnaire.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubts, via the following e-mail: energywebinars@inesctec.pt





16 dezembro 2021


16 dezembro 2021

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