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Main Innovations: 

  • Energy storage management and harvesting in a smarter and grid-interactive manner 

  • Problem: DER proliferation on LV grids created new challenges for the network control, but also new opportunities related to flexibility. 

  • Solution: Smart inverters that receive information from local and remote-control systems to maximize self-consumption and minimize negative effects on the grid. 

  • Improved controllability through the LV control infrastructure 

  • Problem: Most DER equipment is not integrated with LV grid control infrastructure, namely smart meters and RTU. 

  • Solution: Field demonstration for proof of concept of communication and control methods between DER and Smart Grid infrastructure. 

Use cases and applications: 

  • Energy efficiency 

  • DER 

  • Smart grid 

  • Energy storage 

  • Renewable energy 

Multidisciplinary science-based approach: 

  • Power electronics, system integration. 

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